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Vertical Spice

Drill Fixture

The creator of the Vertical Spice Rack, Scott Miedtke, was looking for a way to produce more racks at a faster clip. That meant drilling down into the details.


Screw this

The Vertical Spice Rack requires multiple drilled holes for assembly. It’s a tedious and time-consuming process that also lacked standardization. Miedtke wanted to improve his production process with a machine that could drill multiple holes at once, increasing output and eliminating operator error.


Work smarter

Solid assembled a project team consisting of a mechanical designer, electrical engineer and controls expert. Together with the client, the team completed a thorough review of the project objectives. They worked to identify design specifications. Once a concept was developed, Solid designed pneumatic logic and controls, created fully detailed mechanical 3D solid models and virtual prototypes, and finalized selection of standard-off-the-shelf components. Solid then created and submitted purchase orders for components and required services. Then, using engineering drawings, the received components were inspected and verified. When the components were verified and assembled, the fixture was tested and minor changes were made. Once the fixture passed internal testing, the client reviewed and operated the fixture, and accepted the machine. 


Cut production time in half

The result of Solid’s machine design and build process yielded a drill fixture that put holes in multiple boards with precision and speed, reducing production time by half. Additionally, the fixture was outfitted with a two-key safety mechanism to ensure operator safety.

Project Details

What We Did

  • Product Concept Development

  • Manufacturing and Quality Studies

  • Detailed Design

  • Machine Assembly and Test

What We Used

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • Controls System Design

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"It can take complicated thinking to make something that seems so simple. This project was a good example of that. Forgive the pun, but we really had to drill down to make this work so well."

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